Are These Real Indians? My “Reel Injun” Reflection


I never did know just how many movies there were that showcased Natives in a stereotypical manner until I saw the opening scenes of Reel Injun.

The documentary uses many clips from different well-known movies in order to connect with the audience. Some of these include John Wayne movies, The Silent Enemy, and various other famous movies. These are movies most people know, and it captures the viewer’s attention, while simultaneously projecting the thesis. At one point there is a comparison between discrimination towards the blacks and discrimination towards the Natives. This is a superb film tool as it uses a notoriously well-known event, to educate people on a less-known yet similar event.

There is also a very symbolic scene where a Native stuntman is teaching what appears to be an apprentice, some of his techniques while on horseback. This is symbolic because it shows that he wants to make a change in the community, and keep an Indigenous population in Hollywood. The scene is also important as it shows that; contrary to popular belief, not all Natives are born knowing how to ride horse-back.

Conclusively, the use of interviews, raw/historical footage, comparing of events, and other conventions really aid in the display of the thesis. I can also say that this documentary is my favourite of the four watched in-class as I can relate to the different movies shown in the film.



Diamond, Neil, dir. Reel Injun. Prod. Catherine Bainbridge. 2009. Web. 9 Apr. 2015. <;.

Are These Real Indians? My “Reel Injun” Reflection

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